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The 2Steps Mentoring mission creates a positive, supportive, accountability mentor relationship for youth ages 16-25.

Shawn Carrington

Mr. Shawn

We use chess for strategic planning and our 2Steps Book Club stretches the thinking.

2Steps Mentoring was founded by Army veteran, entrepreneur and mentor Shawn Carrington. His first mentor was his father who instilled discipline and order into his life. As he became older he realized that not everyone had a father figure or someone in their life teaching them how to handle the transitions into adulthood.

He became a mentor himself almost unexpectedly as a recruiter instructing young men and women coming of age into the military.

An expert at building networks, recruitment and avid real estate investor he decided to build an organization that focused on bringing young adults into the workforce as well as assist them with their dreams of becoming their own boss.

The team of business owners, new entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life make up the 2Steps Mentors Alliance and have a passion for giving back to the communities they serve.

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Two Step Mentoring believes that our youth need direction, discipline, accountability and the constant presence of a caring adult.

We will conduct both formal and informal sessions designed to build a young person’s self-esteem, strengthening their relationships, academic performance, and attendance, helping combat school drop-out rates.

We will utilize partnerships with schools, churches, businesses, nonprofits and our military connections to accomplish this task.

We will strive to become and remain the main influencers in a young person’s life. Between the ages of 16-25. We believe what a person does or does not do will affect their lives. We plan to influence that journey the best way we can.


Two Step Mentoring is a structured on and off-site mentoring organization.  We have coordinated and conducted numerous events for more than 5,000 children since its inception and serves youth nationally with a goal to one day mentor internationally.

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